Palmetto Tomorrow Foundation

Lieutenant Governor Andre Bauer has been employed with the State of South Carolina since he began his tenure as a State Representative to represent constituents from Lexington and Newberry Counties. His involvement with the state convinced him that he could do more to help local residents. Lieutenant Governor Bauer founded The Palmetto Tomorrow Foundation in 2002 after being tasked with running an office regarding aging and he realized the local plight of both the youth and the senior population. Once in office, Lt. Gov. Bauer recognized that there were needs that were not being fulfilled by the government for the local community and decided to take it upon himself and his trusted team to make the difference. The Palmetto Tomorrow Foundation began with a fundraising event designed to provide fans in the summer and blankets in the winter to the elderly suffering through uncomfortable living situations. The wild success of the fundraiser led Lt. Gov. Bauer to develop programs that allowed the local youth and seniors to share in experiences that they would not otherwise have available.

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